Friday, April 3, 2009

Killing time

I have a meeting in 10 minutes. It's the first meeting of the new AddHealth Working Group. AddHealth is a massive dataset that I use all the time. I fully expect to generate new ideas and papers out of these meetings. So I'm pretty nervous. But I've gotten good at channeling nervous energy in more positive ways. And I know all of these people anyway. I think I'm nervous because it's the first time I'll be talking about my dissertation outside of the one on one meetings I've had with my committee.

Going to Best Buy on the way home to pick up a new flash drive. May also be buying myself some presents. A little electronic therapy. And then tonight, it's an all Joss night with Buffy, Dollhouse, and then recording the AbG Podcast. Wherein I'll be doing my small, insignificant part to say goodbye to Andy Hallett, a guy I never met and know nothing about, except he seemed nice and died far too early.

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