Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just another update

1) I have been killing a ton of time playing Fable 2. I like it a lot, but it suffers from some of the same problems most RPGs do, especially more recent ones that allow for more expansive universes and elaborate plots. First, try as they might, the game is still completely linear and that bugs me. I don't like vendors adding progressively more expensive weapons and potions as your experience grows; I don't like the one-mission-at-a-time shit with the slavers and bounty hunters. It isn't realistic, and it's kind of just patting the player on the head. I also don't like the "hurry hurry hurry hurry THE END" aspect of these games. I know most gamers are ADD addled morons but come on, draw it out some, I can take it. That's my main complaint with Mass Effect- here's a gigantic, world ending problem that apparently is easily solved, and your characters basically were good to go from the beginning.

2) Spent the last three days grading. Have a meeting on Monday to talk about my dissertation proposal. Worried about that, to say the least.

3) Started watching Firefly. Like the set up a ton. Looking forward to watching the entire series in a single shot. We're about to finish season 3 of Buffy- 8 episodes in 2 days is always a good use of time. I remember very little about what happens post-graduation, except I know that Riley sucks. He hasn't debuted yet and I already hate him again. Seeing the Wesley/Cordelia interaction for the first time was fun though, since Angel is still a favorite of mine.

4) Had I think my all-time favorite story idea last night that I need to dwell on and flesh out some before I consider either putting pen to paper/fingers to keyboard. Well, that's premature. I have the universe figured out, I just need to figure out what stories could take place in it. Because it's one of those kinds of deals. It's the kind of universe that allows for a TON of creativity and complexity, which is what I like.

5) ESPN hired Matt Millen for Monday Night Countdown, which means I will never watch Monday Night Countdown again.

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